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The Adventure Company: The Lost Pyramid on Channel 4

You may have spent your Xmas weekend watching cheesy sitcom re-runs and bad reality TV, but thankfully a new year also heralds a new programming schedule. High on every culture vulture’s viewing list is the new series, “The Lost Pyramid” on Channel 4.

Originally shown on the history channel, the series tells the intriguing story of the three pyramids of Giza, which were the first admittance to the exquisite Seven Wonders of the World list.


The show documents the results of a mammoth 12-year excavation on the edge of the Giza plateau, in the search for a fourth pyramid, which archaeologists believe has been ‘lost’ for thousands of years under the vast desert sands.


Egypt-enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the programme features an international team of experts hand -picked to study the site, and the series follows their findings. New discoveries are unearthed each week, and the team can barely contain their excitement when they realize their lost pyramid was the fairest (and grandest) of them all! In fact, they believe it stood much higher than the Great Pyramids.


The discoveries about the curator of big ideas, King Djedefre, who commissioned the building of The Lost Pyramid, are also fascinating. He was part of the most powerful family in Egypt and their story, filled with details of back-stabbing, rivalry and murder shake many well-established beliefs, and the history books, to the core.



Sit back and be enthralled as the experts piece together the specific chambers within the pyramid, and create an up-to-date blue print of the Giza plateau.

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