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The Adventure Company: Simon Reeve "Explore"s more of the world with BBC2.

If you tuned into BBC2 last weekend you may have seen the handsome Simon Reeve clambering over ice fields and vast plains.

We hope any fan of The Adventure Company didn’t switch channels, because this is the kind of programme we get VERY excited about, and we hope you have too!


In this series of Explore, Simon Reeve whom you may have seen in past travel programmes “Tropic of Capricorn" and "Equator”,focuses on two areas of the world as he travels through parts of the world that tourists don’t normally touch. Click here to find out what to expect

Whilst he travels around, his team of journalists follow, enquiring about current cultural and environmental issues, to really get under the skin of each place that has featured.

The first episode of last week Explore: Patagonia To The Pampas was shown on BBC 2 last week, you can catch-up with what you may have missed here.

This episode shows Reeve and co trek across the foothills of the Andes, through Buenos Aires and into the open plains of the Pampas. His team also helped dive into other cultural affairs by visiting ice fields to discuss climate change, Adil Ray- a shanty town where residents are rising up against property developers, peguin colonies of the south Atlantic and Reeve get involved with the locals at a football match.


If you watched and enjoyed seeing Reeve disappear beneath the tourist trap and into Argentina’s true underbelly, our Patagonia Explorer Tour may be for you. This tour takes you through bustling Buenos Aires, treks across glaciers and through the Peninsula Valdes, which has one of the biggest penguin colonies in the world. Find out more here.

In the second episode to be shown on Sunday 1st February,is called Explore: Africa's Rift Valley as Reeve embarks along the ancient Rift Valley of East Africa. Firstly he touches upon the little known red sea of Djibouti, before moving onto Ethiopia to the wide-open plains of Kenya.


Here they encounter some fascinating wildlife. Simon then travels to a hospital treating hundreds of malnourished children, whilst the other presenters also investigate local conservation projects, including an inspiring project in Nairobi’s slums.


The Adventure Company visits many places throughout Africa and especially Kenya. Find a full list of tours here.

The third episode, which airs on February 8th- Explore: Istanbul to Anatolia focuses on Turkey, and the border, which separates East and West. Reeve describes it as “a country of rich culture and great beauty, but a place of huge contradictions”.


Simon investigates the tension between religions and the right to free speech, whilst the other presenters take part in some Wild Boar hunting. Anicent ruins along the Mediterranean coasts are also visited, where we find out more about the battle local archaeologists have having with tomb robbers.


The Turquoise Family Coast Holiday takes its visitors to ancient tombs, to rural mountain retreats, and for swims in the crystal clear Aegean Waters. Click here to find out more.

The final episode Explore: Manila to Mindanao visits the Philippines, this will be shown on February 15th. Reeve travels here due to the fact this is the only Christian country in Asia. He also tries to look behind the lush jungle and tropical beaches and attempts to look at its heart by investigating its religious and social practices.


He visits giant rice fields to find out more about climate change, and the effect a giant worm has had on the worlds rice stock. This episode also looks at the lives of Sea Gypsies, and the nightlife of Manila.

We hope you enjoy the series, let us know your favourite parts of each episode by leaving a comment, or discussing the series on our facebook page.

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