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The Adventure Company: Responsible Travel Tips!

Jetting off to a faraway land to take part in a tour or trek is always exciting, but more and more of our customers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of travel on the planet.

Here at The Adventure Company, we also take environmental concerns extremely seriously. We invited Krissy Rowe, from Responsible, to share some of her tips for greener travel:


Before booking your holiday:
"Plan your route to minimise carbon emissions - travel by train and public transport where possible, and minimise internal flights".

Luckily, The Adventure Company also promotes this, and makes good use of local transport wherever they can, - including camel rides!


"Minimise flying time and stopovers - the worst carbon emissions are emitted during take off and landing. For the flights that you cannot avoid, offset the carbon emissions of your flight using our carbon calculator . Click here to use it".

"Be aware of your tour operator’s responsible tourism policy before you go. Make sure it explains how they minimise environmental impacts and support the local economy. "

You can see The Adventure Company’s policy here

Before travelling on your holiday:
"Read up on local cultures and learn a few words of the local language - travelling with respect earns you respect."

The Adventure Company tours will often lead you off the beaten track and offer you the chance to explore local customs, native houses and traditional events.

"Whilst a grasp of the local language and community isn’t essential, we firmly believe you’d have a better time by learning a little about where you are going before you leave".


"When packing for your trip, remove all excess packaging, because waste disposal is difficult in remote places and developing countries".

"Ask your tour operator/hotel if there are useful gifts that you could pack for your hosts, local people or schools".

Our Hands-on Adventures tours do visit local places that are in need of some aid. Whilst it isn’t necessary to bring hoards of utensils for the local school, a few recommended kids books, or lightweight toys would always be much appreciated!


"Ask your tour operator whether there are local conservation or social projects that you could visit on your trip, and if/how you could help 
support them".

Our hands-on adventures were invented exactly for this purpose- visit our page on the website for more information.

Whilst away
"Buy local produce in preference to imported goods - if only to take pictures of oddly named beer and amuse your friends on Facebook at home".

"Hire a local guide - you'll discover more about local culture and lives, and they will earn an income. Our tour guides always have an extensive knowledge of the area, and other members of the “crew” such as the tour cooks are more than willing to tell you about themselves-just ask!"


"Do not buy products made from endangered species, hard woods or ancient artifacts. Our tours offer many “days off” leaving travellers free to wander through local markets. We trust you to make wise choices when haggling around town, but do let us know if you have any queries about goods you have seen".

"Respect local cultures, traditions and holy places - if in doubt ask advice or don't visit".

"Use public transport, hire a bike or walk when convenient – it’s a great way to meet local people on their terms and reduce pollution and carbon emissions".


"Use water sparingly – it’s very precious in many countries and tourists tend to use far more than local people. I don’t mean for drinking, I like our travellers in a tip-top hydrated condition, but using two gallons of water just to rinse your toothbrush is simply ridiculous".

"Remember that local people have different ways of thinking and concepts of time. This just makes them different not wrong! Cultivate the habit of asking questions (rather than the Western habit of knowing the answers)".

On your return
"Write to your tour operator or hotel with any comments or feedback about your holiday, and especially include any suggestions on reducing environmental impacts and increasing benefits to local communities".

"If you've promised to send pictures or gifts to local people remember to do so, many are promised and not all arrive!"

"Enjoy the memories, reflect on your experience and write us a blog, before beginning to plan your next trip!”

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