Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Adventure Company: Watch a Kili Climb Video Diary!

Our second blog of the week is a little different, as we've recently been in touch with Simon Ingram from Trail Magazine, who completed our Kilimanjaro trek .

He has kindly made a fab video diary, so you can really see what its like to climb kilimanjaro .

Follow Simon during his climb, which is split into 2 parts, both of which, we have embedded for you lucky people below.

In Part One, follow Simon as he prepares for his climb along the Machame Route, and lands in town before he makes he way to Machame Gate to begin his climb.

Expect some amazing views of the mountain, funny anecdotes and rare footage of the guides who accompany his team up Kili, the food you can expect, and how much popcorn is appreciated as altitude increases...

In Part Two, watch Simon as the hardest part of the climb begins. See how he tries to follow the advice of his guides, and battles with altitude sickness and tiredness in order to attempt to reach the summit.

Watch him and his pals solider through as the final part of the descent which begins with a slow midnight climb...does he make it?

We absolutely love these videos, in our opinion, the best video diaries we've seen from the route in a while, so if you've ever climbed Kili, or are thinking of doing so, this really is essential viewing, in order to create all kinds of nostalgia or inspiration.

Simon climbed Kilimanjaro using our Machame Route. Visit our website for the latest deals and offers to Kili.

Adventure Junkies, grab your next fix by visiting to find out more about Simon's travels and other exciting info.

As always, thanks for reading,

The Adventure Company

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