Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Adventure Company: Egyptian Adventure

Emma Cross, who works in Accounts here at The Adventure Company recently packed her bags and travelled to Egypt, where she took part in our Felucca Adventure tour.


This entry sums up just some of her experience:

"I didn't realise quite how vibrant the colours used on the temples were, and I was amazed how colourful some of them are, after all this time. Its amazing knowing I've stood beneath the work of some of the world's greatest architects! And it was nice to find out more about them when we visited the Egyptian Museum and the Tutankhamen collection they have there.

Before travelling to Egypt I was already aware that the pyramids were just on the outskirts for Cairo but I mostly loved the greenery which was stark in contrast compared to all the other photos you get of the great pyramid.


One of my favourite moments of the trip would have to have been the two days spent sailing the Nile on a felucca (boat) from Aswan towards Luxor. The slow pace and gentle breeze gave an enjoyable break to enable me to unwind and soak up the culture along the banks of the Nile. So lovely to see the little villages that are nestled along the banks of the river, just pass by. We slept on the boat deck too, sleeping under the stars was just beautiful.


It was spending time on the Felucca that gave the group time to get to know each other. It's a pretty small group anyway, which meant you really got to know one another, and the chance to make friendships that you'll never forget.


Another amazing experience involved getting up early to take a donkey ride to the Valley of the Kings (on the west bank of the Nile from Luxor). This was so fun. The Valley of the Kings was very busy but travelling by donkey to a point to over look the valley and then walk down into it gave a unique perspective and was nice to be away from the crowds .The route you follow is the same as those who actually built the tombs too!



was so bustling, full of ancient mosques, fez makers, rice sellers, and bazaars, which we immersed ourselves in, and haggled amongst. It really was the most culturally rich way to end a trip that I'll truly never forget"

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