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The Adventure Company: Active in Andorra

This August, Terry Davis joined The Adventure Company on the Active Pyrenees Family Holiday,. Here is what he had to say about the trip:

“In respect of the Active in the Pyrenees Adventure I would say this. I have travelled extensively both with work and for pleasure and you can forget some of the exotic locations in the world this holiday really rocked its up there in my top 5.


We stayed in the Hotel Roc De St Miquel. run by Nick & Nuria, Some may see this as a more basic hotel, however its was spotless and extremely well run. Officially a one star but if you add on the atmosphere its a five star.

You really couldn’t want for more from a hotel. Our group commented often that if every hotel had a "Pepe" then they would be better places to stay. If your not sure, he was the barman come waiter, his interaction with the children and his humour was great.

During our first full day we climbed to the top of Pic Maia, had a nice ridge walk during the afternoon. Late afternoon was spent around the hotel, relaxing.


Next we come onto the guides, here the company excelled with the three of them. Stuart, Andy & Sarah. Informative, interactive, very well briefed and very good at briefing. They also gelled the group and got the best out of the children and developed the confidence of the children. A real pleasure to see them work and interact with the children. Some might say old fashioned, but they genuinely enjoyed what they done, were real fun to be around and do the activities with. They are treasures and should be protected.

With Nick in the background the organisation was impressive, slick, always on time and very well run. The equipment was well serviced and to a high standard.

This was especially true of the bikes we used in the middle of the trip, through the Ordino Valley, which was an old iron route, so the ride took us past old mines and forges. Throughout the whole day, the guides were there to support us, and help weave us through the cycle paths.


Taking a 4WD out to Port De Cabus, which followed the old smugglers routes was also really memorable. However, the white-water rafting towards the end of the day was the most fun.



The last day was spent wandering through the Incles Valley, the sight of the mountain horses grazing was a lovely .

At the end of the holiday, the other half of those that came away come down to the Roc for the last night, these people had been staying up the road in the 4 star. They arrived just after our dinner and we were joined by the guides.

They saw the games the children playing, Pepe being challenged on the football (Good ole fashioned table football cards draughts, not a gameboy in sight) one said to me, "is this the atmosphere you have had each night" the reply was yes and you could see how much they had missed out on.

This holiday for myself and my son, has been fantastic, its a holiday that I truly have not stopped raving about to both friends and family."

Terry and his family took part in the Active Pyrenees Family Holiday (Product Code FPS.

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